Audiopod is pleased to provide FREE DELIVERY and PICK-UP to our clients for any event location within 12km of the Adelaide CBD.
If your event or party is beyond this zone, no problem. We charge a small delivery fee based on the distance of the event from the Adelaide CBD.
For more info see below.

You may also call us to organise to collect or drop back your goods to our warehouse.

Please note: You need to order over $140 worth of goods to receive Free Delivery.

FREE DELIVERY ZONE 12km straight line from Adelaide CBD



Delivery to events further than 12km from the CBD will incur a small delivery charge. This charge is calculated by using Google Maps. We will search Google Maps for your event location and use the directions tool to determine how many minutes of travel from Adelaide CBD. We then charge these minutes by $1 for delivery, and the same fee again for collection.

You can calculate this delivery and pick up fee yourself by following these steps

1) Go to
2) Type in the address of your event.
3) Click on ‘Directions’ and type in ‘Melbourne CBD’
4) The number of minutes determined by Google is the number of dollars that we charge. (Each way).




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