2 x 55″ TV’s on stands with HDMI splitter


  • ◊   2 x 55-57″ Flatscreen TV’s 
  • ◊   TV brackets 
  • ◊   2 x 2.5m high Truss stand with base 
  • ◊   2x 10m HDMI cable 
  • ◊   1 x HDMI splitter to send 1 image feed to 2 screens

Full set up and connection to your equipment is included in the price.

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2 x 55″ Flatscreen TV’s

Do you need to hire more than 1 TV, and require the same image on both screens? Lets say that you have an audience of more than 30 people and you want a TV on each side of your boardroom. You want both TV’s connected to the presenters laptop so that all of your guests can see the Powerpoint presentation.

This package is for you. We set up both screens on their own truss stand and link both TV’s using HDMI and a splitter box.

Don’t worry. We come in and set this all up for you and will connect to your equipment to ensure all is running perfectly.

Melbourne cup, Tour Down Under, or the Grand Final?

We can set up multiple TV’s and connect to an outside aerial, and tune into the sporting event.

If you have any specific needs, please call us on 0422 219419.