Wireless microphone & receiver


Mipro Microphone & receiver

  • 1 x Mipro ACT30H hand held microphone 
  • 1 x Mipro ACT 16 ch  receiver
  • XLR mic cable as required
  • Switchable Mic or Line output

Microphone hire Does not include a PA system. This receiver will connect to any of our DJ mixers, band mixers, and PA systems. We can also connect into your house system, so long as your system allows the input of AUX equipment

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Mipro Wireless Microphone & receiver

Mipro ACT30H hand held microphone with receiver

The ACT30H Microphone is a true condenser microphone. It provides high fidelity, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, clarity and accurate sound reproduction.

A convenient on/off switch is located on the shaft of the microphone, alongside an LCD display, which shows the Battery level, and channel.

Simple syncronisation to the Wireless receiver.