Disco light rig


The Disco Light Rig

A must-have for any party or celebration with a dance floor

  • Creates the dance floor atmosphere
  • 3 x Disco lights on a tripod light stand
  • Lights are beat activated so they respond to the music being played
  • Various lights available

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Disco Light Hire

Great value.

3 intelligent disco lights set up on a light stand.

The lights move to the beat of the music to create the ideal dance floor atmosphere.

Simple and effective.

We have a few different combinations of disco lights available. The rig consists of 2 Gobo flower style lights that project various shapes and colours onto the dance floor, and a small laser light to throw laser effects onto the ceiling, or venue walls.

We will set up the light rig, and wire the whole rig to a single power point, so you can simply switch on the rig when your ready for party time.

For added effect, book the smoke machine to go with the lights.

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