Festoon lights


  • 15m Length of Festoon Lights
  • 25 watt Globes included
  • Extension cord included if needed
  • We supply cable ties, and rope if needed
  • Delivered only- Client to install if fixed to their property. If in Marquee we install for $20

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Festoon Light Hire

If you want a simple, yet effective way to light up a space, such as a driveway, an entry point, a marquee interior, or an event space, then a string of festoon lights is an easy solution.

This string of lights plugs into a standard 10A power outlet, and consists of 20 white lights, (each 25watt). The light string can be attached to trees, posts, fences, or the roof structure of a marquee.

The hire is for supply only as it is an insurance liability for us to install the lights for you. We will, however provide you with cable ties, lengths of rope, or any other ties required to make your job easy.

Installation Notes:

  • Never hang the light string whilst connected to power
  • Hang the light string before installing the globes. This will prevent globes breaking whilst your hanging the lights
  • If the span between fixing points is greater than 10 meters, use a rope strung between the fixing points to secure the light string to
  • Once the light string is installed, insert all of the globes
  • Only after all of the globes are inserted, power on the light string. If any globes need replacing, disconnect the power first
  • The globes provided are 25 wall hallogen globes and can be used with a dimmer
  • When taking down the light string after use, disconnect the power, then remove the globes before taking down the light string