HDMI Balun


HDMI Balun transmitter and receiver

  • ◊    HDMI Balun consists of 2 boxes. A transmitter and a receiver
  • ◊    Cat5 Cable supplied
  • ◊    Power supply for baluns
  • ◊    HDMI cables as required
  • ◊    Price includes set up and connection to the equipment

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HDMI Balun transmitter and receiver

Send your HDMI signal over Cat5. The HDMI Balun converts any HDMI signal into a Cat5 cable, and then converts back to HDMI at the TV End. This is useful when your laptop (or other source) is located more than 10m away from the TV display.

If you wish to have your Laptop setup further than 10-15 meters from the TV, it is best to use an HDMI Balun. This allows you to send the HDMI signal up to 50 meters without loss of quality.