Presenter pack -budget (2)


  • 2 x XRS12 powered speakers w/ stands 
  • Up to 4 Cordless microphones (inc Hand-held, Lapel & headset)
  • 1 x Microphone on boom stand for lecturn
  • 6 Channel Mixer with simple volume controls
  • 32 Band Graphic EQ (to eliminate feedback)

This system is delivered and set up for you. We taylor the sound system to the room, and dont add on any cost if extra cabling or speakers are required. The price is fixed regardless of the number of microphones, cables etc.

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The Presenter Pack (budget)

The Presenter Pack  is a complete audio system designed for presentations and conference hire.

We have packaged together the lecturn microphone, cordless hand held /lapel microphones, and a system to control the various volumes across all of the devices.

Simply choose either the Budget pack or Pro pack to suit your venue and number of guests.

The Presenter Pack is a sound system package designed to facilitate all audio requirements from a board room style presentation to a full conference.

The package is hired at a fixed price regardless of the number of microphones, speakers, and other equipment required (within the bounds of this package). Therefore you know that the price is $300. Fixed. And there will be no additional charges for extra bits and pieces.

  •      Maximum of 4 microphones
  •      Maximum of 4 speakers
  •      Monitoring of the equipment (volumes, eq, etc) is performed by the client


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