10″ Milan M10 monitor speaker (1)


The perfect DJ booth monitor, or fold-back speaker
  • ◊     1 x Milan M10 Powered monitor speaker
  • ◊     1 x speaker stand
  • ◊     1 x XLR cable (TRS jack included for DJ mixers)
  • ◊     The monitor has volume, treble, and bass controls on rear

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Turbosound Milan M10 powered monitor (single)

The Turbosound Milan M10 Monitor speaker is a 600watt system featuring Klark Teknik DSP technology.

This provides superior sound and makes this speaker an ideal booth monitor for DJ’s or as a foldback monitor for bands.

The Milan M10 is a portable 10” two-way powered loudspeaker featuring two independent input channels,  mic and line inputs, two band EQ, intelligent limiting, and a Mix Out function for connection to additional Milan loudspeakers for easy system expansion.

The Class-D amplifier is a true 2-channel unit with an integrated electronic crossover, allowing the HF and LF drivers to be powered separately without one being able to influence the sound of the other. Total output power is 600 watts peak, providing plenty of headroom to maintain good dynamic range so that transient signals are delivered effortlessly. The lightweight switch-mode power supply coupled with industry leading Klark Teknik digital signal processing, providing dynamic equalisation and sophisticated limiting functions to ensure optimum performance and long term reliability.

The two discrete input channels are each equipped with balanced, combination jack/XLR connectors and a level control, catering for a range of music sources from low impedance microphones, acoustic guitars and keyboards to mp3 players and mixing consoles, selectable via a mic/line slide switch.

Common to both channels are bass and treble controls with ±6 dB of cut or boost to allow the loudspeaker to be equalised to the venue. In addition, a low cut filter is provided at 100 Hz to shelve the low frequency response when used on the floor as a wedge monitor, or to ensure correct integration with subwoofers. A speech/music switch optimises the loudspeaker’s frequency response either for predominantly vocal material or for music programme. A Mix Out function sends the mix of both input channels post-EQ to additional Milan loudspeakers on a balanced male XLR for easy system expansion.