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Turbosound Milan M18B

  • ◊   Powerful sub woofer 
  • ◊   Easily added into any powered Speaker set up 
  • ◊   By adding this sub woofer into your audio hire system, your music will sound allot punchier. 
  • ◊   The Sub woofer only plays the frequencies under 80-100 Hz resulting in deep bass tones and more ‘warmth’ to your music 
  • ◊   If your planing on a dance floor at your event a sub woofer is a must-have 
  • ◊   Hire includes the complete set up of the sub woofer into the speaker configuration

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Subwoofer hire Adelaide

Turbosound Milan M18B

2200w 18″ Subwoofer Features:

  • Powered bandpass subwoofer with 18″ driver and 2,200-watt Class-D power amp 
  • Sophisticated DSP protects again over-excursion, overheating, and clipping 
  • Left and right stereo inputs and outputs make it easy to connect two main speakers for mids and highs 
  • LF boost with variable frequency helps you fine-tune the bass response to best suit your audio 
  • Birch plywood construction is strong, relatively lightweight, and helps reduce resonance for tighter bass 
  • Built-in heavy duty wheels make it easy to transport and set up 

The new MILAN series has been completely re-engineered from the ground up. It combines amazing performance with ultimate convenience for musicians, DJs and AV applications in a range of stylish portable powered loudspeakers with an unmistakable sound signature enhanced by the industry’s most sophisticated KLARK TEKNIK DSP.

2200-Watt Powered Subwoofer The Milan M18B is powered 18” bandpass subwoofer that extends the frequency range and increases the overall loudness of any Milan system.

The bandpass design produces high bass energy within the pass band, which is tuned to reinforce bass instrument frequencies, and the steep cut-off slopes ensure an effective acoustic transition to Milan full-range loudspeakers.

The onboard amplifier provides over 2,200 watts of maximum output power with plenty of headroom to power the long-excursion bass driver, allowing short term transients to be reproduced with wide dynamic range.

Two discrete balanced XLR inputs plus corresponding thru connections on balanced male XLR allow a stereo system comprising of two Milan full-range loudspeakers to be operated with only one subwoofer if required, the sub-bass frequencies being filtered and summed to the subwoofer drive unit.

A switchable 3dB boost is available at a centre frequency between 40Hz and 90Hz, while an overall level control allows the sub-bass frequencies to be balanced with the system.

A polarity switch is provided for optimum subwoofer integration.

Rear panel LEDs indicate power on, signal present, and the onset of limiting action

Tech Specs

  • Powered
  • Power Configuration    -Single Amp 
  • LF Driver Size              -1 x 18″ 
  • Total Power                  -2200W 
  • Inputs                           -2 x XLR 
  • Outputs                        -2 x XLR 
  • Frequency Range        -40Hz-100Hz (±3dB), 30Hz-150Hz (-10dB) 
  • Maximum Peak            -SPL 134dB 
  • Enclosure Material       -Birch Plywood 
  • Height                           -59cm 
  • Width                            -64cm 
  • Depth                            -53cm 
  • Weight                          -48kg