The Wedding Pack (2:1:1)


A complete sound system for your wedding reception

  • 2   300w Powered Speakers 
  • 1  Additional speaker for the back of room 
  • A simple to use 4 channel mixer with volume, treble & bass controls
  • A hand held cordless microphone with stand, for speeches
  • An AUX cord with headphone jack to plug in your portable music device 
  • A Bluetooth receiver for connecting to any bluetooth music device
  • Optional CD player or USB player – on request
We deliver and set the sound system up for you, so its ready to use.
Free Delivery to any venue within the Adelaide metro area* (see terms)

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The Wedding Pack

A complete sound system for your wedding. Your Wedding day is pretty hectic, and the last thing you want to be worried about on the day is the sound system for speeches and music. The wedding pack is all about keeping it simple.  You just need to organise your wedding playlist onto a portable device such as an iPod, or iPhone, and plug it into the system. We even supply a bluetooth device to cater for iPhones without a headphone jack. The Wedding Pack is designed especially for weddings, this audio package has everything you need, packaged into a simple to use format. The Cordless Microphone  provided with the system is a Mipro ACT30H. This is a premium condenser microphone with a range of around 20 meters. The volume is easily adjusted using the microphone control knob on the sound system.  The system is also set up with priority set on the microphone channel. This means that when the microphone is switched on, and spoken into, the music automatically fades away. This is ideal for speeches.

  • A Cordless microphone with priority over the music channels
  • CD Player
  • iPod dock, that may also be used with a laptop or any Mp3 player
  • 2 x Australian Monitor 300w powered speakers on stands for the dance floor
  • A third 10″ powered speaker for the back of the room. Ideal for speeches and dinner music
  • Delivery (Adelaide metro) and set up free of charge, inc Saturday and Sunday.*
  • 24 hour call out and assistance.

Wedding Pack wedding hire

The system is straight forward to use. It simply connects to your mp3 player (iPod, iPhone, Android, laptop) and also includes a CD player. The microphone, when switched on, will fade out the music. Great for speeches. Just choose if you want the standard package which is very suitable for most weddings, or the Wedding Pack PRO. If the Music and the Dance floor action is a big part of your night, then upgrade to the Wedding Pack Pro. The PRO pack includes an upgrade to Turbosound Milan M12 speakers and a Milan 15″ powered sub-woofer. This will deliver a bigger, richer sound, and a thumping bass. Ideal for weddings that expect lots of dance floor action. Both systems include a third ‘satellite’  10″ speaker that will be placed at the other side of the room so that the speeches are crystal clear, and the dinner music surrounds the guests. This speaker has its own volume control and may be switched off later in the night when the dance floor speakers are cranking. A Cordless Microphone will be provided and set up so that when it is switched on, the music fades away ready for a speech. The system is controlled via a 3 channel mixer which features Treble, and Bass controls and Master volume. This allows for the microphone and 2 audio devices. This means that you can have two iPods, (or an iPod, and a laptop) plugged in. The advantage of this is that you could have your Bridal waltz set up on one, and the rest of your music on the other. A CD player is also built into the unit. Our units vary, some play Mp3’s some don’t. Some have 2 CD players. Please specify if you have specific requests. We Deliver and set up the system the day before or on the morning of your wedding, hours before your reception begins, to give you total peace of mind on your special day. Everything will be ready to go. Simply dock in the iPod when you arrive at your reception, and push play. When you want to make a speech, just turn on the cordless microphone and start talking. The music will automatically fade away, (and will fade back in once the microphone is switched off). The CD player is perfect for your bridal waltz.

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  • Australian Monitor 3 channel Mixer
  • 3 audio inputs. so you can run your i-pod and /or Laptop and 1 or 2 Microphones 
  • Master volume Knob 
  • Overall treble and bass controls 
  • Graphic EQ (May be Bypassed if not wanted) 

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