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P.A. System hire
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PA System Hire
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Public Address System Hire

Audiopod hires a range of public address sound systems for Weddings, Corporate presentations, trade shows, and public speaking. The most popular of which is the Mipro portable PA system. Mipro is the Industry leader in wireless technology. Founded in 1995 Mipro have developed a unique range of portable PA’s, designed specifically for public address in a variety of applications. The Mipro pa is the celebrants choice for wedding ceremonies, as the Mipro is robust and reliable. Well suited to the outdoors. The Mipro portable PA runs on its own internal battery supply and the largest PA in the Mipro range, The Mipro MA808, is suitable for broadcasting to over 800 people.

The Mipro Portable PA’s feature a very simple function called ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) which auto scans to find a clear, interference free microphone channel.




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