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We love supplying to weddings, and have been doing so for longer than Audiopod has been in business. In fact, it was through event managing weddings, that the founder of the company decided to create an audio visual hire company to better serve the wedding and party community. We have purpose built sound systems for hire to weddings offering all of the components that you’ll need, all in one, easy to manage package.

When it comes to your special day, the last thing you need to be concerned about is the music. We take care of the delivery and set up for you and will even connect in your device if it is available.
The music is such an integral part of the reception. We are very aware of this and will make sure everything is working perfectly

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 Wedding Sound Systems

One of our most popular sound systems is the Wedding Pack. This system was designed many years ago as the essential audio pack for playing music to a wedding reception.The system is set up to plug directly into your device via AUX cord or Bluetooth. It also comes with a CD/USB player, or additional AUX cord, which is a good way to cue up your wedding dance without affecting the flow of the main playlist. Another great feature is that it has a cordless microphone for speeches. The main 2 speakers are powerful enough to crank up the dance floor, and there is even a third speaker which can be set up at the far end of the room to provide the guests with an even distribution of sound throughout dinner, and allows for the speeches to be heard at the far reaches of the room.

And what dance-floor is complete without a light show. We have a simple light rig comprising 3 beat activated lights, and smoke machines for hire.

Wedding DJ


If your wanting to take the music at your wedding to the next level, we have the latest range of industry spec DJ equipment.
We also stock larger sound systems, and higher spec lighting options.


The Mipro Portable PA units are perfect for outdoor weddings. These units are often used by celebrants for the Wedding ceremony. They are a stand-alone, battery powered sound systems complete with cordless microphone, and an input for music. portability of these speakers, and their impressive volume and sound quality,


Shade blurb.


We can also supply additional furniture and bar equipment. Our range is a lot more extensive than shown below. For inquiries, please call Hamish on 0414 869 324.


Please write to us with any questions that you have.



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